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iPhone 14 Series To Offer 30W Fast Charging: Leak suggests

Apple iPhones had been under the spotlight of leaks since the beginning and every new leak brings a new set of information for the upcoming iPhone. This time the report comes from the Twitter user DuanRui whose sources are mainly Chinese supply chains as quoted by the magazine Apple insider.

According to the new leak, the iPhone 14 series is likely to get the 30Watt fast charging support which is a big improvement from the previous series which locked the charging speed at 20W as seen in iPhone 13 lineup.

The leak is based on the reports that unveiled the story behind this, according to that, an unknown brand charger is being sent out to media outlets in order to review and access it early. It is also expected that Apple will also include the 30W fast charging in the marketing campaign of the new iPhone 14 series. It would be one of the key features that the phone will bring to its customers.

According to the details, the leak has no images or links to confirm the authenticity it is just information that is passed on. However, this is not something that we cannot imagine. Previously, iPhone 13 pro-Max supported 27W charging during the tests and now 30W charging is not is unlikely to be achieved by Apple.

iPhone 8 series was able to charge the iPhones at 18W charging support and later the iPhone 12 was able to offer 20W fast charging. And now it is more than likely that Apple will add 30W charging in order to cut the charge time for the device.

High-watt charging at 30W means faster charging but it also brings the heat threat that Apple must have thought about. Experts suggest that Apple could also be placed in the limitations ranging from smaller to large “max” models. So we can also expect the feature only come to pro or even only to max models.

Earlier, Apple released the 35W dual USB-C port power adaptor to use with MacBook Air and iPhone at the same time, the rumored 30W charger was also expected in 2022 but Apple has one more separate GaN charger under development.

Apple event is coming closer, the date has already been finalized for September 7 when Apple would be on stage to unveil the latest lineup of its device including the iPhone 14 series. We can also expect the 30W fast charging support for iPhone 14 lineup.