iPhone 15 Pro disassembled by YouTube channel

iphone 15 pro render

It’s time for a teardown video because today is the official introduction of the iPhone. The new iPhone 15 Pro has apparently been disassembled for the first time by YouTube channel PBKreviews. We won’t get to view the internals of the new camera on the iPhone 15 Pro Max because this is the smaller Pro variant.

The A3011 is this exact model. And you can see that the interior houses a big, L-shaped battery. The new Taptic Engine, which is a little bit smaller than in earlier iPhones, is located above. Apple claimed that by using a reduced footprint, the user experience remained the same.

The video concluded that the iPhone 15 Pro receives a 7 out of 10 score for repairability. The iPhone 14 Pro received the same rating from iFixit last year; however, it was recently reduced to a 4 out of 10 because of the component pairing issue. The iPhone 15 series is a lot more repairable this year thanks to several modifications made by Apple. iPhones are not known for being very repairable. include the rear glass, which is now less expensive and easier to replace.

What then is the point of this video?

Most of the time, people view videos for instructional objectives. Let’s say your new iPhone 15 Pro’s battery or display has to be replaced. Though we hope that isn’t already the case, You may learn how to achieve that by watching this video.

Apple has not yet offered guidance on how to repair your iPhone 15 Pro. That ought to happen soon. But currently, returning your iPhone 15 Pro to Apple or your carrier is a better choice if there’s a problem with it.