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iPhone 4S Users Will Receive $15 From Apple After The Lawsuit Concluded

iPhone 4s

The US class action lawsuit result is quite strange. For six years now, it has been debated whether Apple customers of the iPhone 4S should be compensated for false software promises. Now there is an agreement: 15 dollars only, not even the price of a small part in the iPhone 4S.

6 years of Negotiations on whether iOS 9 slowed down the iPhone 4s

Even years later, the iOS 9 update still has many consequences for Apple. In 2015, the company also supplied iPhone 4s models with the new firmware. Significantly better performance was promised with the update – “Under the hood optimizations for more responsive performance” is one of the marketing statements. For the iPhone 4s, the oldest model to receive iOS 9, this statement was probably a little too full.

In December 2015, a class action lawsuit was filed by a group of New York and New Jersey clients. The charge: Marketing iOS 9 as an update that brings performance improvements to all supported devices was wrong. The class action group participants were thus urged to download iOS 9 with malicious intent and ended up being “damaged” in the use of their iPhone 4S devices.

15 dollars there

Now, six years after the class action lawsuit was filed, a settlement has been reached. Apple has pledged to provide a total of $20 million to compensate complaining iPhone 4s owners from New York and New Jersey. if MacRumors writes in its report, customers are required to “submit an affidavit” that their device “experienced a significant performance degradation” after updating to iOS 9. After all necessary data has been submitted through a dedicated website, payment awaits 15 US dollars per damaged customer.