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IPhone 7 sales outperforms iPhone 8 sales—Report

It is the history or say it Apple’s legacy, whenever Apple releases its new model it apparently surpasses all previous model sales when Apple iPhone 7 came out September last year, the sales were up as compared to previous model iPhone 6. But it’s changing this time, according to an analytical report by KeyBanc Capital Markets and carrier survey conducted in the US and UK reported by Reuters, people are buying iPhone 7 more than iPhone 8. The report is based on various carrier surveys which collected data on upgrades and sales through various carriers in the UK and US.

According to Verge, there are several factors that are hindering iPhone 8 sales, the number one reason is people are holding on to the release of iPhone X which is expected in November, a few days ahead. The second most common reason for sales drop is the difference between two models, if you own iPhone 7 you may not go for iPhone 8 because there is not much to offer in the upgrade. The final reason is the price, iPhone 7 is $150 cheaper than iPhone 8 so why you should pay more if there is not a huge difference.

But here we can highlight some other very important reasons that could seriously affect iPhone 8 sales, in the previous reports iPhone 8 was reported to be cracking at some occasions not only this, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus was also reported to have a crackling a static distorting sound coming out from the earpiece.

However, Apple promised a solution to the problem and the smartphone giant releases a new iOS 11.0.2 update just after a month of previous 11.0.1 update just to get rid of bugs and crackling sound in iPhone 8 to save it from being treated as Samsung’s Note 7 which had a huge debacle.

According to Cnet Apple, iPhone 7 sales were quite impressive upon launch, but the price drop after Apple’s September event was also a precursor in generating more sales, Apple sold 78.3 million of iPhone 7 during the first quarter of its launch. But $100 price drop made it unbeatable in sales.

Now you can clearly see the top reasons why iPhone 7 is more popular than iPhone 8 and why the sales are dropping for iPhone 8 and in the meantime increasing for iPhone 7. Frequent releases on new models could definitely have some problems in one or two models depending on the strategic positioning and pricing of the product. If apple ought to increase the iPhone 8 sales they must make it closer to iPhone 7 in terms of the price before or after the launch of iPhone X.