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Google is releasing security patch for Android devices in few weeks

While there is ongoing innovation in software technology and latest updates, the vulnerabilities are always a by-product of these updates, tech companies always keep that under watch, Google has acknowledged a security vulnerability in Android devices in the WPA2 Protocol which puts virtually all the wireless-enabled devices at risk, Google says the company will roll out patch for its Android devices in the coming weeks.

A newly discovered security flaw dubbed “KRACK” has put the millions of Android devices at risk, Google will work on a fix for Android devices that are impacted, the company confirmed it on Monday.

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Google said in a statement, “We are aware of the security issue, and we will patch any affected devices by KRACK soon in the next coming weeks”. You can expect Google to rollout this security patch not later than a couple of weeks.

WPA2 protocol is basically designed to protect wireless networks and devices; the security flaw in that WPA2 Protocol was discovered by a computer security researcher Mathy Vanhoef according to ZDNet report published on Monday.

KRACK may sound familiar to you if you have been involved in using pirated software, KRACK translates Key Reinstallation Attack. This protocol has the central authority in most modern Wi-Fi devices and networks like computers, routers, and phones. This places virtually all wireless-enabled device at risk.

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