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iPhone Sales To Hit $200 Billion Next Year: Research Report

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Users’ demand for high-priced models continues to grow, Apple’s iPhone sales will reach 200 billion U.S. dollars in 2022 Juniper Research predicts, accounting for nearly 40% of the total smartphone hardware market. Juniper Research found in its latest research that by combining powerful hardware with an advanced software platform, Apple has successfully convinced consumers to choose more expensive products. In this regard, the company stated that other suppliers have only achieved limited success.

Despite the expected 2022 iPhone will account for smartphones for nearly half of sales, but Juniper Research pointed out that, according to shipments, Apple’s market share will be less than 20%.

Juniper Research added that by 2024, the global average selling price of the iPhone is expected to increase to US$700, and if Android devices cannot take advantage of 5G opportunities and expand the coverage of new design features, the price will fall to around US$200.

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It also hinted that Chinese brands will continue to benefit from the US’s suppression of Huawei, which will have a market share of 9% by 2022 and 11% in 2019.

The research company warned that high-end features, including camera technology improvements and high-end audio, are not enough to allow vendors to compete on a large scale in the crowded smartphone market.

Apple and Samsung have succeeded in cultivating brand loyalty, which has been difficult for many small suppliers, although many of them have introduced new features.” Juniper Research Assistant Analyst Nick Hunt Said: “These players need to combine powerful functions with a strong brand in order to achieve sustained success.