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Apple Facetime Comes To Android Windows Browser

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On the occasion of its Worldwide Developer Conference WWDC 2021, which started yesterday, Apple announced that its video chat and messaging service FaceTime will soon also be available on Windows and Android. Browsers are used as a platform for this.

As Apple just announced, users of operating systems like Android and Windows will soon be able to participate in virtually any FaceTime conversation. You should be able to make both audio and video calls easily via your browser. The solution is that FaceTime users under iOS 15 have the option of sending special links to their contacts with Windows PCs or Android devices.

No Details Yet

Apple has not yet revealed specific details about its plans for the use of FaceTime on Android and Windows. Visually, the user experience in the browser should roughly correspond to what is known from Apple’s operating systems, since a largely identical design should be used.

With iOS 15, Apple has integrated a number of other new features into FaceTime, including support for spatial audio, background noise suppression, a portrait video mode, and the ability to share media (music, films, and series) with the help of SharePlay. The new functions should be available in the course of the completion of iOS 15 in autumn. The restricted option for FaceTime use under Windows and Android as described here will probably follow.

Anyone who hoped that FaceTime would sooner or later also be available on non-Apple operating systems in the form of special apps will likely be disappointed by today’s announcement. At least the number of options with which you can communicate via FaceTime is growing. The grids around Apple’s “golden cage” are at least a little more permeable.