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IPhone Users Provided Tools To Control, Store And Share Medical Information

Apple is working on bridging gap between hospitals and getting access to essential patient information. IPhone will soon become a center for disseminating medical information. Apple is now working with a startup company called Health Gorilla to introduce diagnostic data on your phones.

The diagnostic data that would be included in Health Gorilla would be blood work through integration with hospitals, lab testing offices and imaging centers.

This startup would provide full patient health history to the relevant doctor. The funding raised by Health Gorilla is just $5 million at the moment.   .

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It becomes difficult for hospitals to get access to important data of patients. Apple would try to remove that gap. Patient would be able to take care of himself; his health would be in his own hand.
IPhone users would be provided tools to control, share, and store their medical information that include reports, lab tests, doctor review reports so on and so forth.

Apple was also working on fitness information, now this new feature may be thought as another medical improvement.

This company was found by CEO Steve Yaskin when a doctor friend of his, found it frustrating to transfer a patient’s test results.
In short the startup provides a platform to save, transfer and share medical history of a patient with the relevant doctor.

Though keep this in mind that this offer is especially for iPhone users. It is a free facility for patients and information transfer would just take ten minutes.