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Technology Replacing Technology In This Fast Paced Global Village

Modern, current technology is not replacing book, letters or PCs.

No, the modern current technology is replacing the technology that might be just days old. Hear something like “iPhone is past” or “I don’t use laptops, I have everything I need on my SmartWatch” doesn’t sound odd anymore. This is because in the times we live, everything is technology. So only thing technology can be possibly replaced by is technology itself

Introduced social media, replaced Television: Television, the new technology, source of entertainment, replacement of newspapers, not anymore. Social media has fully replaced televisions.

New social media television series would soon replace long seasons and soap dramas as well.

Computers in classrooms replaced by virtual learning: Blackboards have been replaced by computers, now in many schools you don’t even need to attend classes as the concept of virtual learning is growing.

Robots replacing all other machines: Humans were replaced by machines, but that is old. Now robots are gaining popularity to perform all kind of chores.

Digital currency replacing bank currency:  Zcash and Bitcoin are gaining popularity as virtual currency and slowly replacing the usual currency we obtain through banks.

Normal text replaced by Text Smell: Now through technology you can send scents of various products. Normal text, well that is old technology with Smell Text in town.

4g internet soon to be replaced by 5g internet: 5g internet technology is being tested in various countries. Soon internet would be available more than fresh air.

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Self-driving cars replaced by auto cars: Auto cars were the newest technology but they will soon be replaced by cars that can drive by themselves.

Smart bike light to replace street lights: Lights on bike are developed that can detect issues on road. No, you won’t need street lights anymore.

Drones to catch cheating replacing invigilators: Technology can now detect cheating, so students need to get more careful.

There was a time when gossips were replaced by twitter. Mirrors were replaced by photos on Instagram. Family gathering were replaced by Facebook. Now technology itself is replacing technology. There are no traditions or old systems, everything is new and in no time it becomes old and is replaced.