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iPhone With USB-C Sells For Ridiculous $86000

iPhone X

Recently, a student from Switzerland attracted worldwide attention who fitted an iPhone with a USB-C port. The hobbyist had finally discontinued the device on eBay and now achieved a ridiculous price for it.

The hype surrounding this “first” iPhone with USB-C took on strange and unexpected forms. Student Ken Pillonel took an iPhone X and modified it to include a USB-C port for charging and data transfer – something that many iPhone users are sure to want instead of the proprietary port. Last week, the student from Switzerland started an eBay auction to auction his handicraft project to the highest bidder.

In the description, Pillonel explained what you can actually buy there: “The new owner of the phone has secured a ‘true collector’s item for every Apple fan out there,’ but according to the terms and conditions of the device’s offer, he undertakes not to restore the phone update or delete it, not use it as a daily device and not tinker with the internal components. They also get a 30-minute phone call with the creator of the device where they can ask any questions they want. “

However, the student does not want to provide support in the event of problems. In fact, the price went up very quickly. Before last weekend, there were bids for $100,000. But these bidders resigned from their bids because yesterday the smartphone was sold for $86,001. At least that’s what various media report, the bid itself can no longer be viewed on eBay. The online magazine iMore, however, confirms the insane sales price, so we can only hope that this business will also take place in the same way.