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iPhone X Delivery Not Available Before December

iPhone X’s availability is restricted but is not as bad as it was anticipated after months of rumors that the stock would be really limited. Apple stores in the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States, China and elsewhere shows delivery time up to five to six weeks, while the Apple Store in Hong Kong simply shows “no supply available” tag. If you are an eager buyer and want the phone immediately then either order it on eBay at a raised price or join a queue outside some Apple retail store. Otherwise, the only individuals who would get successful in acquiring iPhone X on November 3rd would be the ones shopping online late at night (at like aroun3 am or so).

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Every year there is some constraint for any specific color or configuration option than the base models. Last year iPhone 7 Plus experienced delay of about six to eight weeks in Jet Black color. Presently, iPhone X shipments appear to be severely limited exactly the way Apple’s Airpods were once. Airpods just started appearing up on a regular basis in stores from the start of this year, after being on sale for months and experiencing six weeks shipping delays.

The delay in iPhone X’s delivery is because of the screen and Face ID components as per reports. Apple is using OLED panel for iPhone X and for that they are taking the assistance of Samsung. Apple is relying both on Samsung and other partners to produce enough displays and reliable Face ID components, respectively.

It would take time before iPhone X could get easily and regularly available at stores. The delivery time could have been much worse than what is being experienced now. Sales numbers would clearly indicate that whether the better than expected time delivery owes to the new phone’s less demand or Apple has speeded up for the production than the expectations of the analysts.

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