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iPhones With Fortnite Game Selling On eBay For Thousands Of Dollars

A week ago, Epic launched an attack on Apple and Google because they bypass the fees of the respective app stores with their own Fortnite payment system. The game was thrown out of the stores and in the case of iPhones, this creates a shadow economy.

Completely new iOS installation not possible

The expulsion from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store has different consequences: While Android owners can easily install an app without an official store, iOS users have no such option. If you have never installed Fortnite on your iPhone, you will not get the Epic Shooter on the device at the moment.

Some are trying to profit from it because several providers have now appeared on eBay who wants to sell iPhones with Fortnite preinstalled Business Insider reports. The prices can sometimes only be described as absurd because there are numerous offers where such “Fortnite iPhones” cost several thousand dollars, there have also been listings where the seller for an iPhone X with Fortnite has a whopping $ 10,000 wanted to.

Needless to say, such profiteering borders on fraud. In addition, even if you absolutely want an iPhone with Fortnite (a new Android smartphone would do it too), you don’t know what else is installed on such a device. Only users who have never installed the game are currently really affected by the Apple ban. If you have already had it on your device, you can restore it relatively easily using the list of previously “purchased” apps. However, it is conceivable that Apple will put a stop to this path at some point.