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Sony To Bring More Exclusive PlayStation Titles To PC

Sony PC

The console manufacturer Sony plans to provide other PlayStation titles for the PC in addition to Horizon Zero Dawn. It is not yet known exactly which games are involved. Sony hopes to be able to increase its sales with the ports.

According to a recent annual report from Sony, some PlayStation games will soon no longer be limited to the console alone. The company would like to increase its sales by not only being able to purchase the games for its own platform, but also for the PC. Sony is planning to port numerous titles that were originally developed exclusively for the PlayStation to the PC.

Horizon Zero Dawn provided for PC

Sony recently released the first-party title “Horizon Zero Dawn” for the PC. This means that fans of the action role-playing game no longer have to buy a PlayStation to get their money’s worth. Since this step was well received by most users, the publisher would like to make more titles available to PC users in the coming months. While these are currently still games for the PlayStation 4, after the release of the next-gen console, some games developed for the PlayStation 5 could also be brought to the PC.

It is not yet known which PlayStation titles will be released for the PC in the near future. However, it is considered likely that successful first-party games such as “God of War”, “Spider-Man” and “The Last of Us 2” can be played on the PC in the future. It is possible that many upcoming titles will only appear exclusively for the PlayStation 5 before the games are also offered as PC versions.

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