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Is Shareaholic legit? Shareaholic monetization scam unveiled—Report

If you own a website and have been working on it for a while you might take different monetization options into the account. Well it’s good to try different monetization options to see which works well for you but sometimes you may waste your time and money doing this, here comes the experience you can even learn from others.

In today’s episode, I will prove that Shareaholic monetization is an absolute scam, you should stay away from these money munchers as I have gone through this pain, I will show you everything with evidence how they eat your money and sneak out when it’s time to pay.

Below is the screenshot of earnings during the last 12 months which shows $79.08 in total earnings. Now if you go to payments tab you will see that payment written in green $28.27 was added to the account that was fair enough.

But Shareaholic stopped adding money into the account since November, as you can see the pending verification amount comes to $57.75 which makes it the total of $86.02 in earnings.

Shareaholic wouldn’t let you withdraw the money until you reach $100 threshold since many companies do that but they use this option to deceive you. Until you reach $100 even before that they will stop adding money into your account and eat up your money until you know they are a scam.

They have stopped adding balance to the account after November 2017, it’s been 7 months they haven’t added a cent into the account. When they were contacted via support they didn’t bother to reply, I have contacted them continuously for 3 months but they didn’t reply to my single email.

Final verdict  

The company Shareaholic is a scam, they have stolen my $86.02 if you have faced a similar issue or related issue to their monetization please leave a comment below so others may know before they fall prey to their dirty tactics.

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