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Is Xiaomi announcing three smartphones with similar features?

Wonder if you have access to three different smartphones with distinct names but the same internal features.

How will you take this?

The forthcoming Xiaomi 13 is showcased in the IMEI database as of today. It was indicated with model number 2210129SG. Xiaomi is working on the development of 13 Lite is not such a big surprise. We already knew that 12 Lite will be followed by a successor. Well, the most interesting thing as of now is model number 13 Lite.

The model number seems interesting since a similar model number was observed in another database. In that specific database, the device was said to be named Xiaomi 12 Lite 5G NE when it does finally launch. This situation leaves us with very few possible options on what is actually going on here. It might be that Xiaomi considered the two names initially and later changed them for the other one. Not sure but perhaps one or both of the listings may be faked somehow.

In another context, if we consider both as true this can be more confusing for the consumers. Here, we can expect that company will sell a similar device with two distinct names and ultimately in different marketplaces. Well, this is not the first time for Xiaomi.

But wait, we have some other news as well. You might be interested in knowing that the 12 Lite 5G NE and the 13 Lite are speculated to be the rebranded versions of Civi 2. Civi 2 launched in China back in September 2022. This situation leaves us with three smartphones showcasing identical features except for their names.

Well, we hope that this doesn’t actually happen. But as of now, we can’t say anything else except our opinion listed above in this story. We will pass on further information as soon as we get any.

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