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It gets easier with Signal to transfer data between devices

With the new version of Signal, it gets easier to transfer data with devices.

Signal is in competition with WhatsApp as it roles out a new feature to transfer data from one phone to another.

Earlier, data transfer from signal was quite a job. Users had to take a local backup, transfer the local backup to the new device, and restore it to access their messages. On the contrary, WhatsApp and Telegram offer a much simpler solution.

But Signal is said to be joining the competition as it rolled out a beta version v 5.5.0 with a new migration tool to help users transfer the account and its data to a new device over a local and protected Wi-Fi- Direct connection.

According to the source:

Your next upgrade deserves an upgrade. Quickly and securely transfer your Signal information to a brand-new Android phone. Use the end-to-end encrypted migration feature to move your account and messages from an old device to a new device over a private local WiFi Direct connection.

This new feature is not only a good alternative to the earlier local backup solution, it’s also more secure similar to WhatsApp and Telegram, as it offers end-to-end encryption for backups. If you’re enlisted in Signal’s beta plan, you can find the new “Transfer Account” feature within the “Chats” settings on the app.

To use this new feature from Signal, download the app on the new device, tap on Transfer or restore the account, select Transfer from Android device when indicated, and finally tap Continue. These steps would instantly migrate the account to the new device.

However, make it certain that both devices are close to each other as the feature works on Wi-Fi Direct to migrate accounts. It’s also to be noted that the feature works only on the latest Signal beta at the moment. According to the source, it’s unclear when the final version with this feature would be rolled out.