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Google Photos soon to limit the storage capacity for smartphone users excluding Pixel owners

Google Photos has recently announced that the company would limit the storage capacity for all but for Pixel owners.

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While Google plans to limit storage capacity for Google Photos, Pixel owners are much relaxed as no limitations are coming there way.

According to the latest updates, users with more than 15GB of photos or videos on Google Photos are likely to be forced to move their data elsewhere or pay the company for additional storage space. However, in a recent tweet from the project manager for Google Photos, Raja Ayygari, it’s evident that HQ uploads (pictures under 16-MP) from “Pixels 2-5 will continue to be free and unlimited after June 1st.”

In short, anyone with a Pixel phone right now (except for Pixel 1 owners, RIP) would get unlimited photo storage for the remaining life of their device. Having said that, it’s more likely that this luxury will not extend to next-generation devices, which means anyone planning on buying a Pixel 5a or later won’t get this service.

Though it’s a small present from the homegrown Google phones, it’s still of great value when it comes to free unlimited data storage capacity.

Meanwhile, for those not owning a Pixel device, the company recently added some extra editing features to Google Photos for those paying for more storage space via Google One, including Portrait Blur, Portrait Lighting, dynamic suggestions, and more.

Ayyagari also said, “uploads from other devices, including future Pixels, will count towards your Google account storage,” this means no trickery with Google, as noted by the source.

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