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It’s now easier to access search bar on Google Play Store

At last, Google is paying more attention to the user interface of its standard apps. It is giving its apps and product ecosystem a consistent appearance and feel. The Google Play Store is going to undergo a design update that will simplify how users can access search within apps.

Search is now available in the bottom bar of the Google Play Store

Google began testing the location of the search symbol on the Play Store app’s bottom bar in December 2023. For certain Android users, the new location appears to be active right now. The next time they use the Google Play Store, some Galaxy users may see this modification. Accessing the search screen is undoubtedly easier because it is now situated closer to your fingers.

The Play Store’s bottom bar now has five icons as a result of this modification. There used to be four icons: Books, Offers, Games, and Apps. This whole move is a little odd, though, because when you use the new search option, it opens a new screen with the search bar at the top. Along with global trending app and game searches, this panel also shows search suggestions.

The most recent version of the Google Play Store (number 40.1.19-31) has this new design; however, not everyone has access to it yet. The appearance of this design change on your device may take a few weeks.

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