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Jaguar Electric Car I-Pace Scoots: The Roads Of London

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As the car market is in transforming phase many auto-makers are investing heavily to develop sustainable cars for future generations. Hybrid Car Market is also expected to grow at an unprecedented rate. Jaguar’s Electric I-Pace is another nugget in the Electric Car Industry. Apple Battery Car iCar which is still in development phase, Lamborghini electric car, Volkeswagen ID concept, Tesla Model X and Tesla Model 3 are leading the market.

Concept car was not rated best amongst critics, as it had really thin tires, interior which could be shaken on rough roads and specs that were not remarkable.

Jaguar I-Pace’s specs remain the same as before. According to Jaguar estimation it will easily cover about 220 miles from its 90-kWh battery, this is bit under the Tesla model X. Electric motors on each axle will provide approx. 400 horsepower and 516 of torque, and it will reach to 60 mph in just 4 seconds.

Buyers can register themselves on Jaguar’s site for booking of the first to pick up an I-Pace when it arrives at various dealerships. But the Company has not disclosed any ballpark estimates to let people know how much it will cost.

Jaguar previously revealed this concept at the Los Angeles Automotive Show with a trick VR setup that involved dozens of journalists coexisting in a shared virtual space while being able to check out the car, both inside and out. It was quite the unique experience, but there’s a long trek from the HTC Vive to the dealership down the street.

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Image via: Jaguar

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