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Java: Marketplace to provide developers access to standard tools

The new Adoptium Marketplace aims to make it easier for developers to access commonly used Java programs. In addition to tools from Eclipse and Microsoft, binaries from IBM and Azul will also be available. However, Oracle has declined to participate in the project.

A report from the online magazine InfoWorld According to Eclipse, in partnership with the Adoptium Working Group, it plans to offer a marketplace called the Adoptium Marketplace. Java binaries based on OpenJDK, which developers can integrate into their projects, are made available here. All tools are tested by the Java SE Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) and the Eclipse AQAvit (Adoptium Quality Assurance) for Java compatibility as well as performance and scalability.

Organizations supporting the Adoptium Marketplace include Eclipse with the Temurin runtime, Microsoft with the OpenJDK version, and IBM with the Semeru Runtime Certified Edition. Also included are Huawei with Bi Sheng, Alibaba Cloud with Dragonwell, Red Hat with its OpenJDK version, and Azul with Zulu OpenJDK builds.

Oracle declined to participate

Oracle, on the other hand, does not participate in the project and therefore does not make its tools available on the Adoption Marketplace. The company plays a major role in the development of the standard version of Java and also provides the most widely used Java distribution. Oracle is also a member of the Eclipse Foundation. The group was therefore offered the opportunity to also offer its binary files on the marketplace. However, Oracle declined the offer. It is unclear why the company is not participating in the project.

While the distribution is based on Java implementations offered on the market, the Oracle binaries and the Eclipse Jakarta EE Enterprise Java should not be available for download through the Adoptium Marketplace. Eclipse Adoptium and the Adoptium Working Group are the successors of the AdoptOpenJDK project, which was founded in 2017. The company was created to address the lack of open builds for OpenJDK across multiple platforms.

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