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Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin’s Key Employees Leaving

NASA has Blue Origin of Jeff Bezos not selected as the technology provider for the moon flight, but Elon Musks SpaceX. Bezos is currently still suing, but he cannot prevent the departure of important employees after the setback.

Blue Origin is losing Key Executives

Critics accuse Blue Origin of having developed little presentable apart from the “toy rocket” for the space tourist flights of their own bosses. Amid great public excitement, NASA had also rejected the company’s concept for a moon landing system and placed the order with SpaceX. What follows is an ongoing legal mud fight with the US space agency. Now CNBC reports that Blue Origin has suffered more severe setbacks. Top talent is leaving the company in droves.

Blue Origin has therefore lost more than “a dozen key executives and top engineers” this summer alone. As CNBC further reports, most are said to have left the company in the weeks following the space flight of founder Jeff Bezos. In addition, employees who apparently played a leading role in the concept for the moon landing, which was rejected by NASA, left the company.

One of the top minds to Elon Musk

For the company and the well-known very competitive boss, Jeff Bezos, perhaps even more painful: With Nitin Arora, the chief engineer for the moon landing project is leaving the company. As head of the mission architecture and the integration of the human landing system of Blue Origin, a key talent that was previously important is leaving the troubled program. Arora already has a new job at direct competitor SpaceX.

While none of the departures publicly comment on the reasons, there are some anonymous entries on the US job site Glassdoor that allow at least a little glimpse behind the scenes. Many cite “frustration with management and the slow, bureaucratic structure” as the reason for changing jobs