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Sony To Introduce New Lighter Hardware For PS5

PS5 screw

Sony has launched a new hardware revision of the PlayStation 5 that has apparently made major changes. Apart from a new attachment for the stand, the new model is considerably lighter than the original version.

As the Australian portal Press Start reports, Sony has launched a revised version of the PlayStation 5 with the PS5 with model number CFI-1102A. The device is already available for sale in Australia. It is unclear whether stocks are already available from retailers in other markets. No information is yet available on the changes to the internal hardware.

Screw and the weight

What is certain, however, is that Sony has changed the screw that attaches the stand to the short end of its current game console. Instead of a simple model that can only be loosened with a screwdriver, a kind of knurled screw is now used, which can also be loosened by hand if necessary.

This is not yet a big innovation, but the colleagues from Australia have obviously also put the new hardware version of the Sony PlayStation 5 on the scales. It turned out that the new edition weighs 300 grams less than the original. However, it is currently unclear what changes the manufacturer has made to achieve weight reduction.

It is likely that the company either changed materials or removed parts that led to the weight loss. You can remove the stand of the PS5 with the new model without tools, but when you try, you have the option of exchanging the M. 2 SSD use it, a screwdriver is of course still required. A corresponding update, with which the SSD change is also made possible on the software side, is currently already in the testing phase.