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June release: Overview of the new ‘The Wild Update’ for Minecraft

Although the first definitive Minecraft version was released almost 11 years ago, the developers are still working on new features for the cult game. Version 1.19, known as ‘The Wild Update’, is expected to see the light of day next month. The main innovations in ‘The Wild Update’ include two brand new biomes, which will be generated in the Overworld.

The first biome, ‘Deep Darkness’, contains exclusive Sculk Blocks, is well below the surface, and may be of interest to horror fans. Those who survive a journey into deep darkness and return to daylight can explore the new mangrove swamp. The swamps are filled with trees with large roots and can serve as a source of clay and a new type of wood for the player.

In addition to the new biomes, the developers have also included additional mobs in the update. In the future, the overseers who live in deep darkness will be found in the game. Also Allay, voted by the community last year, will help players collect items, and frogs will appear in the new version.

The new version comes out on June 7th

Mojang has on the official Minecraft page announced that version 1.19 will be released two weeks later on June 7, 2022. The Wild Update will be integrated into both the Java edition and the Bedrock edition. This means that the new version can be played on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch.

If you can’t wait until the beginning of June, you can already download a preview version. There is an option in the Minecraft launcher to install unstable development versions. To avoid bug corruption, the snapshot build copies all existing worlds. Progress will not be carried over if a stable version is used again. Also, not all of the content that the Wild update will bring is included in the beta.