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This new Google app lets you speak with your eyes

With Look to Speak, you can select a series of words and phrases that appear in the app simply with the movement of your eyes so that the mobile reproduces them aloud.

Google is a company that has never stopped working on the development of accessibility apps to make life easier for those people with disabilities and motor impairments. A good proof of this is Look to Speak new application created by the American giant that allows you to communicate through the movement of your eyes. Look to Speak allows people with communication difficulties to do so simply with the movement of their eyes

What is Look to Speak and how does it work?

Look to Speak is an application developed by Google as part of the “Start with Google” project, a series of experiments aimed at helping a person with motor difficulties. In this case, the Mountain View-based company wanted to improve the quality of life for Sarah Ezekiel, an artist suffering from motor neuron disease. So, to help Sarah, Google created Look to Speak, an app that allows you to select a series of words and phrases that appear in two columns simply with the movement of your eyes for the mobile to play them aloud. As you can guess, for the smartphone to be able to follow the movement of your eyes you need to use the front camera and, therefore, the first time you open the application it will ask you for permission to use a said camera and to give it to it you will have to click on the button Allow.

Using this app is really simple since when you access it you will see a series of words and phrases divided into two columns. If the phrase you want to say is in the left column, simply you have to look to that side, off the edge of the screen, to select it, and immediately said column will be divided into two parts. Next, you will have to repeat the same process a couple more times, keeping in mind that each movement of the eyes to the left will eliminate the phrases in the lower part of the column on that side until only the word or phrase you want to say remains in the left column.

Once this happens, you simply have to perform a last movement of the eyes to the left and the mobile will take care of reproducing the chosen word aloud. In addition to left or right movements to choose the desired word, Look to Speak also allows you to pause the app with an upward eye motion. Google is about to put an end to apps to record calls once and for all look to Speak is a completely free application that you can download from the direct link to Google Play that we leave you under these lines and that is compatible with a large variety of languages ​​like Spanish, German, French, Italian, English, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic or Vietnamese.

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