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Keep Tech and Gadgets Budget-Friendly this Holiday Season

Are gadgets and electronics at the top of your family’s holiday wish list? Finding electronics under the tree is always a big deal for kids, and in all honesty, most grown-ups get pretty excited by them, too.

That said, technology can also be a big ticket item, and many Canadians are struggling with tight budgets thanks to high prices for necessities. It’s not easy to do holiday shopping on a budget, especially if electronics are on your agenda, but there are still ways to save and make it all work.

#1 Look for Refurbished Laptops

Go online to find the massive market for refurbished and used laptops for sale in Canada. You can find all major makes and models, and buying refurbished is a great way to save on a computer that’s been thoroughly tested and may have better specs than you can afford in a brand-new laptop.

Going with a refurbished model is a great way to get a high-performance computer without overpaying for your laptop.

#2 Research Used and Retro Video Game Options

You have a lot of options if video games or consoles are on your kids’ wish lists. Previous generation consoles and games won’t come with the same sticker shock as the latest releases. Avoid the most in-demand games, and you should be able to find some steep discounts, especially during sales.

If you want to surprise someone in your life with a passion for video games, consider checking out retro video game stores for a blast from the past. Collectors’ items and mint-condition consoles can get pretty expensive, but if you want to buy games to be played and aren’t too worried about getting anything in mint condition, you can find a lot of fun retro games for cheap.

#3 Buy Last Generation Phones

If you still want to buy new but need a way to save, pass on the most recent releases and in-demand items. There’s no reason for retailers to offer much in the way of discounts on the hottest releases, but older and previous-generation smartphones often go on sale when new releases are announced.

#4 Fun But Small

You don’t need to bring home a giant box with a TV inside to get someone something fun and exciting. Speakers, streaming sticks, headphones, mini mics, device trackers, and all kinds of fun, affordable gadgets can spice up a more budget-friendly holiday season.

#5 Wait for the Sales Cycle

Retailers tend to follow fairly predictable patterns. There’s a sales cycle where different goods tend to be on sale during certain months. While August is a good time of the year for school-related electronics like laptops, November and December are usually the best times to buy other electronics and gadgets in the lead-up to the holidays.

If you’re planning far enough in advance, January and February are good times for televisions, and September is usually when Apple announces its new products, leading to price drops on its older lines. This holiday season, savvy shoppers can keep their costs down, even when it comes to electronics and gadgets. Buy refurbished laptops, last-generation phones, and retro games, and keep an eye on sales to always get the best price.

Alexia Hope

Alexia is the author at Research Snipers covering all technology news including Google, Apple, Android, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung News, and More.