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Samsung to introduce the world’s first 8K gaming monitor

We have something very exciting for game lovers.

The gaming market is going to receive yet another upgraded technology.

Samsung is introducing its Neo G9 refresh. It is based on an 8K monitor in an ultrawide format.

As per the reports by The Verge, the new monitor is not truly an 8K monitor. It is because of its 32:9 aspect ratio. Rather it is a step forward in terms of resolution. Comparatively, it will offer more pixels in the display than the current offerings.

Earlier today, during the RDNA 3 GPU event, AMD announced the new monitor. Furthermore, AMD added that the new GPUs will offer support for DisplayPort 2.1. among other vendors, Samsung is one big name expected to release monitors while keeping the standards in 2023. Other vendors include ASUS, Dell, Acer, and LG.

When it comes to the term World’s first, brands always love to go for it. Well, in Samsung’s case the 8K monitor is truly the world’s first. The upcoming refresh design of the Odyssey Neo G9 is an ultrawide gaming monitor with 8K resolution. It supports DisplayPort 2.1 as well as AMD FreeSync Premium. The showoff at the AMD event revealed that the monitor might come in black color. Whereas the original Odyssey Neo G9 and the Odyssey G9 were offered in white.

As of now, no further details were shared by the company. The company stated that more detailed information on design and specs will be shared as of January at the CES. Although it might not include the details about the price. The current Odyssey Neo G9 is available at $2,500. Whereas the Odyssey Ark is priced at $3,500. The recent upgrade might make the product more expensive.  

Well, this is all that we know as of now. We surely have to be patient to see how the new design and specs for the 8K monitor get unveiled.

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