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Keyboard Terrorists Increasing in Pakistan

Who are keyboard terrorists?

Peter Hook quoted ‘There are keyboard terrorists everywhere who hide behind a veil of anonymity to pursue their vicious slanders.’

In short an individual who hides behind a keyboard and use it to abuse, threaten, terrorize another individual is a keyboard terrorist. They misuse the power of language to inflict harm on another being.

Why is it important to talk about Keyboard terrorists?

One, because one should not get away after speaking in the slanderous language. Is abuse through language okay?

Two, because when on an issue people comment and use wrongful language, the main subject gets lost in thin air. How can we point fingers on others, and comment on a wrongful activity when our own language is defining us?


Recently the term harassment has been used a lot in Pakistan. First on Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s sister and doctor controversy and then on Hania Amir’s scandal where she forcefully filmed a guy on the plane who clearly wanted to avoid her camera.

Now these situations and similar issues like these where people misuse their power status to put another person down, need to be exposed. They must be talked about, but the role played by keyboard terrorists in these situations should be highlighted. Let’s see some of the tweets to understand the term.

These are moderate tweets, there are people posting worse stuff in unspeakable language and from no angle this is okay.

Social media is very powerful. Nothing is filtered, nobody can get away from a mistake, and there is no place to hide. Should those hiding behind a veil, misusing the power of keyboard, get away from abusive language then? We need to treat both sides of the picture equally. If a wrongful deed by anyone should be condemned, the wrongful language used to condemn an issue needs to be highlighted as well.

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