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PTA has Blocked 13210 Blasphemous Links on the Internet

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is introducing steps to control blasphemous content on the social media sites. A web analysis cell is created by PTA where 25 officials are just working with the purpose to recognize unlawful content which includes blasphemous material. 8,000 complaints were received by PTA via emails and 188 of the complaints were about blasphemous content.

A PTA official said, “PTA has blocked around 13,210 blasphemous links that were uploaded on the internet.”

The complaints received by the department were analyzed and action was taken against them. Those complaints relating to threat and harassment were passed on to FIA.

The PTA official informed that blasphemous content is posted on the internet in form of literature, pictures, audio, and video. Its identification is not easy and human intervention is necessary to control such material. 25 PTA IT professionals are just hired for the purpose to block such content over the internet.

An electronic portal is developed by PTA to make it easier for stakeholders to issue a complaint against any offensive web content.

In the media, an email address is also circulated so that general public can report such content to the required authorities.

An email address is also advertised in the media facilitating general public to inform about any blasphemous content, the official said. “Removal or blocking of unlawful online content (Procedure, oversight and safeguard) Rules 2017, under the prevention of electronic Crime Act, 2016″ are some rules crafted by MoIT by consulting with PTA.

PTA has asked HEC, MoIT, and FIA to upload the rules defined on their websites so that the general public is aware of it and know what is allowed on the internet and what is not permitted at all.

Recently PTA has also upgraded its official website with an aim to further digitalize Pakistan and facilitate the people.

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