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Kingdom Hearts 3 gets leaked six weeks ahead of launch

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It’s not inconceivable for games to get to players days before dispatch on account of production network leaks, privateers or energetic retailers. Square Enix, nonetheless, is managing something impressively more awful. The engineer’s Tetsyuo Nomura has affirmed that duplicates of Kingdom Hearts 3 are circling roughly 6 weeks before the game launch on 29th January. While Nomura didn’t state how the Disney-tastic hybrid RPG got free, he confirmed that Square was “aware as to how this all happened.”

There might be a few pieces of information with respect to how Kingdom Hearts 3 got away into nature. Kotaku noticed that a Facebook client passing by the name Broderick Jackson was moving duplicates of the game for $100 each the few days of December fourteenth, and even presented clips to demonstrate that it was genuine. Jackson obviously wouldn’t share how he went over these duplicates, recommending that he didn’t go over them through sheer luckiness.

The uplifting news? Spoilsports can’t demolish the whole game for you. Both the epilog and a “secret movie” (allegedly the biggest spoilers in the game) won’t be discharged until later “in the event that something goes wrong.”
You may want to filter your social network feeds regardless — just know that there will still be surprises even if you stumble across a spoiler in the near future.

The game is available for XBox One and Play Station 4.  
It is a sequel to Kingdom Hearts II, and the final chapter in the Dark Seeker saga.

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