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LG Rollable TV to Launch in 2019

The LG TV that is rollable willbe available to the customers next year. It will have 65-inch OLED panels whichwill retract into a base if not used. These big screens will be rolled up.

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These screens will inhibit crisper screens while folding will be easier than traditional LCD. LG showcasedthis screen earlier this year.

These rollable screens are highly anticipated by the audience as this is something new and advanced that has not been seen since ages. This technology is introduced by LG and will soon erupt from behind the curtains.

According to Bloomberg, LG is also planning to launch the first 5G phone at Mobile World Congress. LG and Sprint disclosed their plan to announce a 5G device in 2019.

According to data tracker Statista:

OLED TVs amounted for 1.1 percent in 2018 while LCDs were 98 percent. The unit shipments were projected to grow 70% next year to 4 million from estimated 2.35 million this year. Engadget reported last year that LG’s documents were seen according to which it will display full-on rollable screens next year. According to some reliable sourcesLG is not going to launch the foldable phone at CES 2019.