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Kobo and Shelfie: Keep a track of your e-books


Kobo Rakuten, the organization that manufactures the Kobo tablet, has announced that it has procured Shelfie. Shelfie is an application that permits users to catalog their own libraries and buy marked down eBook versions in view of the physical copies they own.

The arrangement incorporates “technology assets, IP, and the infrastructure on which the ecosystem runs,” as per Kobo, and the Shelfie group it has acquired. Kobo claims that it will incorporate the app features into its Android and iOS applications, which will permit users to track their physical library, and to get their computerized versions. It’s not clear if Kobo will hold Shelfie’s at a lower marked down — or even give out free eBooks.

Shelfie aims to allow more user integration into e-book

Shelfie was an application that would permit users to show photos of their bookshelves, presenting reduced eBooks or book recordings of the physical books that they officially claim they own. The framework would in short break down reader libraries to present offers in light of what’s on those bookshelves. Amazon has a comparative program, Kindle MatchBook, which permits customers to purchase shabby eBook versions of books that they had obtained through the site. In January, Shelfie closed down, in light of the fact that “unit economics of ebook sales just don’t make much sense if you don’t own the platform like Apple, Google, or Amazon,” according to the platform’s founder, Peter Hudson.

While competitors, for example, Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook gadgets overwhelm the market, Kobo discharged another tablet e-reader, the Kobo Aura One. It was released the previous fall, demonstrating that it’s still in the race. Rakuten Kobo CEO Michael Tamblyn noticed that numerous readers don’t solely read simply physical books, eBooks, or book recordings, and that this opportunity is an open door to “expand our ecosystem by incorporating Shelfie’s innovative advances in book recommendation, discovery, and bundling.”

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Kobo’s obtainment of Shelfie appears to help benefit this kind of readers. Kobo works with many autonomous book shops over the United States. Shelfie had noticed that physical and computerized packs could almost multiply deals at book shops in a few occurrences. Its product ought to have the ability to help give Kobo an approach to better customized readers suggestions and permit clients to track their own libraries. This will be regardless of whether they’re a physical heap of books or computerized ones.

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