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The new solar panels by Elon Musk can fix beautifully on a roof: Tesla Inc.

New Solar Panels by Elon Musk of Tesla Inc.

When we’re busy talking about Elon Musk’s Space X project, the business magnate silently launched the new ‘sleek and low-profile’ solar panels.

Right from his stand, Elon Musk has been presenting with his stunning inventions. From PayPal to Space X, all his discoveries are worth noting. And every discovery he’s ever made is unique.

And yet another startling new invention.

Elon Musk’s newest project is the new solar panels which have a slightly different appearance; it can fix on a roof and they don’t even need a mounting hardware. And this look makes it more appealing it rather adds beauty to the roof.

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This new low-profile solar panel is in fact made by Panasonic at Tesla Gigafactory 2. Panasonic and Elon Musk’s Teslsa Inc. made a joint contract where both the companies work together on sleek and low-profile solar panels.

The company claims that their products are more eco-friendly, durable, and would save buyer’s money.

Other than these new low-profile solar panels, the company has also introduced solar roofs. The solar roof is even a smarter move by Tesla. They come is tiles and fix perfectly on a roof.

Elon Musk previously unveiled the launch of solar panels and also notified that they would be available by April 2017. However, the company has not yet announced the launch officially. But buyers could get an early quote and updated information through Tesla Inc. website.

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  1. These really are beautiful solar panels. I don’t really know much about solar panels, but I definitely plan on getting some once we own! I suppose now is a good time to start doing some research!

    1. Yeah, true. And we must learn more about these eco-friendly tech items. These could save us from destroying our OWN comfort zones.
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  2. Very interesting. I don’t know much about solar panels either, but I would definitely be interested. I love the look, it’s so sleek and modern.

    1. Yup, and the solar roofs are even more stylish. Elon Musk has been doing a great job and we don’t even know 🙂
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