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KPK Innovation: Sanitation Complaint Process Through App For Peshawar Residents

After the launch of KPITB, it looks Peshawar is focusing more on innovation, a recent development by the Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar (WSSP) is just a start. The complaint procedure regarding sanitation has been digitalized by (WSSP) they has recently introduced a mobile app named “Safa Peshawar” which would enable users to register their complains related to garbage, sanitation and water supply. The app is currently allocated to Peshawar city only.

The complains are processed by Management Information Systems (MIS) administrator of WSSP, the processed complains are then allocated to concerned officials to resolve the problem. WSSP also uses heat map to identify the real time data and complains frequency.

Heat map is actually a digital traffic management system which create a map in dots for every single user landed the app, it tells the management how many people engaged with the app or website, how many times users pressed some specific button and which was the most visited or clicked button.

Heat map will track the performance of the app as well as the complaints records.

The app was developed by a group of three K-P Civic Innovation Fellows as per tribune. The program “Safa Peshawar” is the joint effort of KPITB, World Bank and Code for Pakistan.

K-P Civic Innovation fellowship has other services for the nation, they have been developing technology and digital solutions for civilians facing difficulties in public services delivery from the government.

Program launch event was organized yesterday at PC Hotel Peshawar, Chief Minister KPK, CEO WSSP, UNICEF chief field officer and some other prominent people joined the event.