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18 million story: You can get free nuggets for a year

18 million

The world on the internet is weird. A young lad who loves chicken nuggets jokingly tweeted Wendy’s for chicken nuggets while offering retweets in return. The single tweet picked up so much hype that it has uprooted Ellen Degeneres as the person with the most retweeted post on Twitter.

The story goes like this a little more than a month back, Carter Wilkerson asked Wendy’s by means of Twitter what number of retweets he’d have to get a year’s supply of free chicken tenders. The organization’s reaction? “18 million”. 18 million is what can get you free chicken tenders supply for a year.

Without a doubt, that was very nearly 15 million more than the record holder at the time, Ellen’s Oscar selfie. However, that didn’t stop Wilkerson. Before long, it turned into a reason for sorts, embraced by stars like Aaron Paul. Big organizations like Microsoft and Google hopped on-board as well, since that is the world we live in now.  Social media is free publicity anyway.

18 million target wasn’t achieved through this fiasco

As a result, Wilkerson’s Twitter following has developed from 138 supporters to more than 100,000. That tweet has been retweeted 3.42 million times — not exactly 18 million, but rather it’s another record. A record that has surpassed Ellen and her famous Oscar selfie.

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Furthermore, yes, Wendy’s says it’s giving him a year’s supply of free chunks, and it’s making a $100,000 gift to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption in Wilkerson’s name. All things considered, the fast food chain made good use of the publicity. (Prior to this, I didn’t know Wendy’s chunks were a thing.)

What I’m stating is: One tweet has likely made Wilkerson more well known than you will ever be, and he’ll be devouring chicken tenders for the following year. Glorious Internet!

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