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Latest update of ‘Facebook Messenger’ lets you remove message

Social media giant, Facebook has finally released one of the much-awaited features that allow its users to undo sent message on Messenger.

This feature official called ‘Remove for Everyone’ and allow the users to remove the message within ten minutes. After the deletion of any message, the recipient(s) will see a text alert which will indicate that something has been deleted.

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This feature also allows you to remove the message from your view if you want to do so for whatever reason.

Keep in mind that the recipient(s) are still able to see and read the message that you unsent through the notification which they received on the device.

The company, Facebook, announced that this feature is available for everyone using iOS and Android devices running the latest version of Messenger.

If your mobile device isn’t allowing you to delete/undo message, then go to your mobile’s app store (Apple App Store for iPhone users and Google Play Store for Android users) and update the ‘Messenger’ app.