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Lenovo: Thinkpads in the future with a revised design and recycled material


Lenovo presented two new Thinkpads at CES 2022. To the surprise of many observers, the manufacturer relies on a previously unfamiliar design. In addition, the laptop giant now wants to increasingly rely on recycled materials.

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More information. A breath of fresh air with Lenovo’s Thinkpads. The Z13 and Z16 models presented at the CES technology fair have a new design and new materials. The business notebooks, which will be available from May / June 2022, will be much more elegant than previous representatives – with the exception of the X1 series. 1.97 kilograms) rounded corners, a surrounding aluminum frame, and a protruding camera hump on the upper edge of the display. The iconic red trackball in the keyboard has remained, but the glass trackpads have grown and the screen edges have shrunk.

Lenovo Thinkpads Z13 and Z16: Increased focus on recyclable materials

According to the manufacturer, 75 percent of the aluminum used is recycled, the synthetic leather used in the Z13 consists largely of recycled PET. 90 percent of the power supplies are made from post-consumer content. That means: For example, from recycled bottles or metals obtained from electronic scrap.

The packaging consists of compostable materials such as bamboo or sugar cane. Inside the notebooks are the Ryzen Pro U and H series from AMD, with up to 32 gigabytes (GB) of RAM, a maximum of 2 terabytes (TB) of SSD storage, and the larger Z16 a dedicated graphics chip on request. Lenovo uses OLED technology with self-illuminating diodes for the displays.

Above this are Full HD webcams and microphones for video conferences, the camera can be electronically dimmed when not in use. The starting price for the Thinkpad Z13 is 1,649 euros, for the Thinkpad Z16 at least 2,249 euros.