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Levi’s Advances by Introducing Laser-Made Jeans

No one would have ever given the concept of wearing laser-cut clothes a thought, however, it seems that Levi’s is all set to change the thought process, as the most popular clothing brand is planning to introduce jeans which are made up of lasers by replacing the manual labour for providing the final finishing touches.

Levi’s—Levi Strauss is on its way forward towards adopting the technology that would incorporate the use of lasers for the making of designs on its jeans. This project is being called Project FLX (Future-Led Execution) by the firm.

The main objective of the company behind the introduction of this new method is to lessen the use of dangerous chemicals and also to cut down the labour-intensive measures that are involved in the making of jeans finishing.

The lasers use infrared to slightly create the scratch designs onto the topmost layer of the jeans that would make the faded outlines and tears.

Bart Sights—Levi’s VP in Technical Innovation said that the first step of the new method is to photograph the jeans and then that photograph is taken and displayed in such a way that the laser could interpret it. Earlier the process used to consume eight or ten or twelve minutes with the manual practices, but with the new process, the execution could be done in ninety seconds or so.

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According to the company, it has always been using chemicals and manual labour for the creating of the faded and worn designs on the denim.  The objective behind the use of this new technology is to ensure that “zero discharge of dangerous chemical by 2020”, along with the aim to reduce the number of chemicals used during the finishing process.

Levi’s designers are also making use of a new imaging tool for making various patterns and finishing touches on jeans via the use of a tablet for making a prototype. Through the platform, the designers could modify the colours and could control rips and tears design.

As per the reports of BBC, an official of the company informed that the employees would not be losing their jobs, however, they would be retrained and would be put to other work areas.

Chip Bergh—President and CEO of the company said that this process is what could be called as the future of jeans making.

According to Levi’s this technique could be used for large-scale production. The company expects to implement the new technology globally in all its denim supply chain by 2020.

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