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LG files for three new foldable cell phone brands at EUIPO


Foldable cell phones have been on the executive agenda for quite a while now, with a constant flow of features proposing producers have something in progress, or are anticipating propelling something at a dubious point later on. LG is unquestionably one of them, and now another trademark application may uncover the model names the organization has as a primary concern for whatever it inevitably conjures.

On November 21st, LG applied for three brand name enlistments at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Every one of the three applications – Flex, Foldi, and Duplex – are categorized as Class 9, which incorporates cell phones, so it’s an entirely sure thing that LG is asserting these names for any future gadgets it makes, foldable or something else.

Saying this doesn’t imply that that LG will utilize these names, obviously. The applications may be an “in the event that something goes wrong” measure. Regardless, “Flex” isn’t especially notable considering the G Flex is as of now in presence. “Duplex,” in any case, is a characteristic fit for LG’s patent for a foldable telephone with a twofold display. In any case, the applications propose LG is edging nearer and nearer to a standard dispatch of the innovation. The inquiry is whether another organization – potentially Samsung – will wind up getting in there first.

Foldable Cell phone devices have been all the rage this year. Samsung unveiled its plan for a foldable device. Apple is rumored to be working on something of the sort as well. Many cell phone manufacturers are working on the idea. The main point is trying to fold a screen to pocket size while not compromising on the length or width of the display.

The market is excited to see what LG brings out.

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