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LG Reportedly Attacked By Ransomware Maze Developers

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The developer group behind the ransomware Maze claims to have attacked the electronics manufacturer LG and stole data. The stolen information is said to have included 40 gigabytes of source code. However, LG has not yet confirmed the attack.

As Bleeping Computer reports, the developers of Maze have admitted on their website to have penetrated the network of the South Korean company LG Electronics. Numerous data records are said to have been encrypted with their own ransomware. In addition, proprietary source code was allegedly stolen from various projects. However, hackers have not mentioned how the attack was carried out.

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To prove that 40 gigabytes of Python source code was actually stolen, the developer group Maze published some screenshots of the stolen files. This is said to include firmware that was ordered by the US group AT&T. The American mobile operator currently offers 41 smartphones and four tablets from LG. Another screenshot shows the program code that should come from a project for forwarding emails.

LG knows nothing of data theft

LG has not yet confirmed the attack. Compared to the report, the electronics manufacturer has only emphasized that the company takes security very seriously and will investigate the incident. If evidence of a crime is found, LG would like to involve the local investigative authorities. So far, however, the company is said to be unaware of such data theft.

It is considered likely that the developers of Maze will request a ransom payment from LG. If the manufacturer does not pay, the hackers could publish or sell the captured data. It is said that not only LG has been attacked by Maze in the past few months. Other victims had been Conduent, Bouygues, and Cognizant. The stolen information is said to have included employee details and credit card information.