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Microsoft Teams Introduces 7×7 Video Calls And 300 Participants

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As previously reported, Microsoft Teams has increased the number of participants to 300 and now they can possibly join the session simultaneously. The group is thus pursuing its plans to continue expanding the communication tool – and to gain a lead over other business solutions.

Since the beginning of the corona crisis and the work that has been increasingly outsourced to the home office, tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and the like have been in greater demand than ever. Interestingly, the providers of conference solutions are now surpassing themselves with the presentation of improvements and new functions. The development in this area has not yet gone as quickly and as customer-oriented as in the past few weeks.

Increased again, according to needs?

Microsoft has once again raised the total number of possible participants. At the beginning of the month, the group announced that it would have increased the number of participants on the roadmap for teams. The video chat participant limit has only been raised for the government version of teams. There is still the upper limit for 250 participants.

7 × 7 video calls are coming

Another innovation that is still being planned is the introduction of 7 × 7 video calls: Currently, the maximum of 3 × 3 video calls can be used to display 9 people simultaneously on a single screen. Microsoft is working to increase the number from 9 to 49 simultaneous personals.

Microsoft teams currently have around 75 million active users daily. In March there was an average of around 44 million. Teams is Microsoft’s fastest-growing business application – which the company is sure to celebrate. Microsoft 365 manager Jeff Teper had announced that Microsoft Teams should become “even bigger than Windows“. Whether this is an official goal or not remains to be seen. Teams is currently growing strongly and should be able to assert themselves even after the corona crisis.

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