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LG Shows Off All-New Design Of Flagship Smartphone, Called ‘Velvet’

The next flagship phone from LG will be named the LG Velvet, the company has revealed – and it will come with the re-imagined design we’ve seen a teaser of the device earlier this week.

It seems LG will announce this phone bit by bit: we now have a few more insights from an official press release after those early concept sketches. There’s talk of “distinctive styles” and “tactile sophistication,” and a step away from relying on tech specs. 

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According to the manufacturer, the Velvet is LG “moving away from alphanumeric designations to favor recognizable and descriptive names that will help the user catch the essence of the product.”

And why should Velvet? “The name …… is intended to inspire memories of lustrous smoothness and elegant softness, two of the new phone’s main features,” says LG.

Digging further

All these fine words and careful branding are sadly not yet followed by any solid facts about the product. We don’t know when it will appear, though speculation has been given about a reveal date of May 15

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What we do know is that for their flagship phone line, LG steps away from the G branding, and the LG G8 will be the last of its kind (as far as the name goes, anyway).

We’ve heard rumors that a quad-lens camera and a Snapdragon 700 series chipset could be on the cards for the new smartphone, and if the rumors are to be believed, the screen size could extend to something as high as 6.9-inch.

We’re not going to say anything for sure until LG reveals it though – so all that’s clear for now is that the phone is called the LG Velvet, and it’s coming early.

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