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Microsoft To Release Security Updates For Windows 7 Edge By Mid 2021

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Microsoft will offer the new Chromium-based Edge version for Windows 7 until the middle of next year. Microsoft has now published this and other data for the end of support in a revised document.

In the support document, Microsoft has now presented some important key data for supplying the new Edge with security updates. Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 will, therefore, be supplied with updates until July 15, 2021. After that, support for the outdated operating system ends. The new list initially applies to all Edge versions from version 77. Microsoft continues to support Windows 7, but users with Windows 10 must have at least Windows 10 version 1709 installed.

“We will continue to support Microsoft Edge on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 until July 15, 2021. These operating systems are no longer supported, and Microsoft recommends that you switch to a supported operating system such as Windows 10. Even though Microsoft Edge helps increase your security on the Internet, your PC may still be vulnerable to security risks, so to support IE mode on these operating systems, your devices must have the enhanced security updates for Windows 7. Without them, enhanced security updates for Windows 7 is the functionality of Internet Explorer vulnerable to security risks. In addition, the functionality of the IE mode can no longer function without continued maintenance due to the extended security updates. “Users – and this means corporate customers – should book a service plan for the extended support of Windows 7 accordingly.

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It goes on to say, “In the same way, for Windows 10 semi-annual channel (SAC) versions that are no longer supported but that support Microsoft Edge, it is recommended to upgrade to a supported Win10 SAC version as soon as possible to remain safe. Because Microsoft Edge is supported in this state, it should be viewed as a temporary bridge to get a supported operating system state. “

The support document is supplemented with the other platforms for which the company provides Edge: macOS from 10.12, iOS from 11 and Android from KitKat 4.4. For these systems, nothing has been known when Microsoft will drop support for certain versions.

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