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LG To Launch Rollable Screen Smartphone Next Year

LG Rollable

Although the LG mobile phone business has not been ideal in recent years, LG has not completely abandoned its investment and research and development in the mobile phone market. LG plans to launch a rollable smartphone next year. The project is called Project B. In addition, the report also said that the relevant prototype has started production plans, according to a new report.

Judging from the exposed renderings, the appearance of the phone has completely abandoned the design language of conventional mobile phones. It is more like a simple screen, and the overall opening is quite thin and light. In addition, since it is a curl-able screen design, it is naturally inseparable from “curl”. In fact, the opportunity is equipped with a separate “storage box”, which guesses that some of the necessary hardware configurations are integrated, and it also serves as a “storage” screen.

When in use, we can extract the screen from the “storage box” like unfolding the axis. This design really subverts our perception of mobile phones.

In addition, it is also reported that this rollable screen is not completely developed by LG BOE also participated in the development process, and the screen panel is also from BOE. This is quite surprising, after all, LG itself It is also a top manufacturer in the panel industry. Of course, as a partial conceptual model, the positioning of the phone is similar to the development of folding screen mobile phones. Today, when traditional mobile phones occupy the mainstream, these “painting style” works may not be able to gain a foothold in the market. Therefore, whether the machine can be released as expected next year depends more on the market performance of the prototype.

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