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LG Tone Free is weirdly amazing

LG tone free

LG announced another gadget for the CES. The CES are a week away and LG has a very weird gadget in the competition. The company announced an LG tone studio which is a vibrating plastic neckband that will be using surround sound mechanism to blast music. It looks a lot like a sci-fi horseshoe on the wearer’s neck. This showcases LG Tone Free which is a neckbud that can charge earbuds when users are not using them.

LG Tone Free makes sense in regard to neck unit offering. It offers a convenient place to store small wireless earbuds to ensure that they don’t get lost. They also provide vibrating alerts for incoming calls and texts. The company has had a history with neckbud models that have emphasized fitness. They also include retractable wires that help in keeping track of earbuds for when they slip out during intense workout. The wireless tone free is a bit hard to adjust since if they pop out during workout, they will be hard to find or keep track of.

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LG tone free series is a zoom-in on neckware

The company claims that this neckpiece has four speakers and a vibrate function that offers theatre like sound for cinematic experience. However, the market demand for these is very low. LG has not released pricing or release details about the latest entries on CES. The Tone series focuses on neckwear which is a bit weird but then again, innovation is the way forward in technology. The point in introducing new technology is that what if people start wearing these gadgets outside? As a society we’re literally being shackled to our technological devices that brings us to the medieval time of slavery. Amazon, there is still time to figure out your product design.

Image via The Verge