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7 Signs That Tells You Have An Entrepreneurial Gene

entrepreneurial gene

Entrepreneurship is becoming a really hot topic nowadays, during the past decade it has achieved widespread popularity amongst masses. All this is due to astonishingly progressing information technology, entrepreneurship has paved its position to be considered an important discipline in academics throughout the world.

One must also understand that entrepreneurship is not a science which can be taught and learned from its core, it looks like more of an art in its deeper understanding.  If you planned to pursue a career in entrepreneurship then you must analyze your behavior before jumping into this deep ocean of opportunities. The following 7 signs if you have in your behavior, you must follow your instincts and start entrepreneurial efforts in your life.

1- You do things differently

Successful entrepreneurs are always different in nature if you closely review their actions. I personally remember one of my classmates who used to do things differently and now he is one of the successful entrepreneurs in his capacity. He never followed the plan or predefined set of instructions to complete the tasks, he used to argue with the prejudices and always followed his instincts, he used to do things in his own way that are easier, faster and reliable as per his understanding.

If you have the same sort of belligerence in your behavior that you always fight the preconceived notions to do things then you might consider yourself to be an entrepreneur but not successful yet, you have to go a long and tiring way to be successful.

2- You always do the task in an easy way

As Bill Gates said, “I would choose a lazy person to do the hard Job because the lazy person would find an easy way to do it”

is a strong message to entrepreneurs. But this doesn’t mean that to make things easier you must be lazy or only laziness is the key to ease. There are two dimensions to it if you look for easy ways to do things;

  • You want to make things easier for yourself so you get rid of them as soon as possible
  • You inherently want to bring ease in the tasks and you love doing that

If you really have the later part in your actions then you must keep it alive to bring in continuous improvement and innovation.

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3- You are never satisfied with your completed project

Let me join two quotes together here for your understanding




If you strongly believe in the above quotes and have a reflection of both in your opinions then you will never be satisfied with your tasks. This is the main ingredient of entrepreneurial journey if you have an attitude that you just did the job perfectly and there is nothing to change further, no outside opinions or suggestions can be added then you should seriously need to change it because innovation stops when you become satisfied and stop thinking further.

4- You are creative

If entrepreneurship is a mountain, creativity is the peak, without creativity you are not able to do the things that will lead to successful entrepreneur. For this you should have some outside evidence, you must have a strong case to be creative. Have your friends, colleagues, Parents, siblings, teachers or anyone else told you that you have a creative flair? If not then bring in the evidence, do things that make you creative.

5- You are always searching for new

Strive to make new records in games, striving for the new job or finding a new way to solve your problem are all the precursors of creating an entrepreneurial mindset. If you have the same attitude towards work and achievement then you are loaded with entrepreneurial arsenal which would help you to be successful in this battlefield. Having a mindset for finding, developing, making and creating new things with enhanced capabilities is the power bank of entrepreneurship which will glow up your entrepreneurial dreams.

6- You don’t look at the surface rather deep inside

Many people look at things in a straight ordinary way, for instance, if they come across new smartphone they would say “oh wao that’s amazing” then they will probably check the features, try them and admire the new features. On contrary, very few people look at the foundation of it how someone has created these features. If you have the ability to look deeper then you must have the following qualities

  • Comparability aptitude
  • Testing aptitude
  • Finding room for improvement
  • Reverse engineering aptitude

Taking the same example of New Smart Phone, entrepreneurial aptitude would ask you to think about how the features can be compared with previous versions or any other smartphone, what are the differences? What are the similarities? How these features are actually created, what is the reverse engineering? How it could have done better in them? What can be improved?

If these questions haunt you and you pursue these questions seriously in order to get the right answers then you are on the right track.

7- You work passionately when you decide to do the task

A genuine problem with almost everyone is fading out of interest, focus, and dedication. Do you follow up your tasks passionately and keep the interest intact?

As Katherine Paterson Said, “A dream without a plan is just a wish”

Similarly, “A plan without focus and interest is a verbal plan”

To make your plan practical, you need strong focus, dedication and elevated level of interest till the completion.  If you have control over interest, focus, and dedication; then you have strong entrepreneurial capabilities that will keep you supercharge until you reach your destination.

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