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LG U+ and Huawei use VR drone to deliver 5G

LG U+ and Huawei were conducting 5G field trials in Gangnam District, Seoul. They have confirmed that the 5G field trials have been done. The trials were done to verify technologies which include IPTV 4K video, dual connectivity, and inter-cell handover.

LG U+ and Huawei have conducted world’s first wide-scale 5G network test. They have used a pre-commercial testing environment. In order to deliver GG 4K IPTV, the companies made use of 5G “tour bus”. Then to deliver data rates between 20Mbps and 100Mbps, virtual reality drone was used. This was demonstrated at the LG U+ headquarters.

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CMO of Huawei Wireless Product Line Zhou Yuefeng said, “In the Gangnam District of Korea, we have successfully validated the 5G pre-commercial network and released the world’s first 3.5GHz CPE. This demonstrates that Huawei will maintain its capability to provide competitive E2E 5G network products in 2018. LG U+ and Huawei will continue to conduct further research into 5G technologies and build a robust E2E industry ecosystem to achieve business success in the upcoming 5G era.”

During the trials, Huawei used 3.5GHz and 28GHz base stations and attained average speeds of 1Gbps on the low band while 5Gbps was attained using dual connectivity across both the high and low bands.

The companies said, “The 5G pre-commercial test based on Huawei E2E 5G devices was implemented in a continuous ring topology. A peak data rate of 20Gbps and an average data rate of more than 5Gbps were achieved through dual connectivity over 3.5GHz and 28GHz.”

In the previous month, Huawei and LG U+ announced dual-connectivity technology verification during a 5G trial in Seoul. The trial used the 3.5GHz base station and a 28GHz base station.

Huawei said, “Dual-connectivity is a technique that allows multiple base stations to transmit data simultaneously or alternately to a user so that they can seamlessly communicate with other users when moving between base stations.”

LG U+ had previously tested the technology in a lab environment between two

Yang Chaobin Huawei 5G Product Line president said, “In the 5G era, the available bands for operators will increase, and the coverage of higher bands such as C-band will become a major barrier to deployment. To solve this problem, networks need to make use of multi-band coordination to eliminate higher band coverage bottleneck. 5G UL/DL decoupling effectively enlarges C-Band coverage to achieve C-Band and 1.8GHz co-site deployment with the same coverage, reducing the 5G site investment. The joint test result with BT/EE is a good proof of this.”