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Pakistani Users Transition from Smart to Super Phones

Pakistan’s mobile market has just shifted to a new technological advancement where artificial intelligence would be playing a significant role and would be changing the industry dynamics according to Blue King—Country Head-Huawei Pakistan.

King said at the recent launch event of its Mate 10 series that Pakistan has shifted forward from the smartphones era to superphones era. The era in which the phones are equipped with artificial intelligence and are much more creative.

He said that the newly launched Mate 10 series consists of the artificial intelligence processor—Kirin 970. It can learn tasks and could also recognize objects. King added that Huawei has set a standard for the cellular industry and that every new phone that would be launched would be based on artificial intelligence.

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Pakistan has also experienced and seen a technological rise in the smartphones division. In the last few years, many brands have surfaced in the country and have heavily invested in marketing their gadgets as industry experts believe that majority customer in Pakistan are more brand-conscious and pay less to no attention to the technical aspects.

Agreeing with this opinion King added that Huawei also wants to increase its products’ awareness.

He said people know the firm, but they should know it more deeply. He added that Huawei is just not only in the mobile phones making business but also is a global leader in the network data business.

Huawei has invested $45 billion in research and development globally and considers this to be the company’s biggest strength over the last fifteen years.

King said that majority of the brands are focusing on camera technology, while Huawei is also working on enhancing the technical aspects along with the introduction of four photography cameras.

He added that the dynamics of Pakistan’s smartphone industry is healthy, and people appreciate and eagerly takes up the technologically advanced machines.

He mentioned that Pakistan’s market is growing by five percent per year. He also said that it would take some time to beat its competitor Samsung in the Pakistani market which has been there since last two decades while Huawei just got introduced five years back in Pakistan.

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