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LG Will Also Manufacture Apple’s OLED Screens

Samsung was the sole provider of the Apple’s iPhone X’s OLED displays, till yet, however, it seems that the arrangement is going to change as LG Display would also be providing these OLED displays to Apple from this year.

OLEDs are the Organic Light Emitting Diodes having an electroluminescent film made of an organic compound that releases light in response to electric current.

OLED screens possess some benefits over the conventional LCD screens used by Apple generally for its iPhones such as a more striking photo click and much darker blacks feature. It also has a drawback which is the chance of burn-in, meaning that if a picture is left on the screen for a little bit longer time than usual it would then be permanently retained on the screen.

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LG—the South Korean smartphone makers might start shipping OLED displays to Apple during the second half of the present year that is 2018.

Rumours also suggest that LG would be getting a fair share of Samsung’s amount earned for providing the OLED displays to Apple.

Apple has been outsourcing the displays to both Samsung and LG, reports indicate that Apple would soon be finalizing a deal with LG and that it would be providing around fifteen to sixteen million screens for the production lot of this year’s iPhone X Plus in the second phase of this year that is 2018.

LG has previously supplied Apple the LCD screens for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Samsung Display was the only provider of iPhone X’s OLED Displays and has shipped over fifty million OLED displays to Apple as per the reports.

According to the sources The Investor mentioned for the three upcoming iPhones anticipated this year to unveil, LG Display would most probably be making the iPhone with the 6.5-inch OLED screens, whereas Samsung Display would be incorporating in the manufacturing of 5.8 inch or 6-inch OLED panels for the other two iPhones.

The production by the LG Displays of the screens is expected to start in the second quarter at the LG’s E6 plant in Paju, South Korea.

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