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LHC Instructs PEMRA to Take Legal Action Against the Morning Show of Sahir Lodhi

The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday instructed the PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) to take some legal action against the morning show of Sahir Lodhi. The direction was issued by the LHC about an application filed against the dance performances of young girls in the show.

The court was held to hear the petition filed against the show and Lodhi on Monday. The court directed the PEMRA to solve the issue once the complaint was heard in accordance with the law.

The petition proceedings were begun by the Justice Shahid Karim in which the petitioner made the Federal government, Sahir Lodhi PEMRA and others the parties on the petition.

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The petitioner appealed that the dance performances by young girls on the Lodhi’s show are making a negative impact on the overall society and is resulting in the incidents like that of Zainab—the Kasur tragedy.

Yesterday, the court approved for the hearing of the petition that was submitted to ban the morning show of Sahir Lodhi. The federal government, Sahir Lodhi, PEMRA and many others were made the respondents in the filed application.

The petitioner took the approach that PEMRA is not taking the necessary strict actions that are needed for banning such shows and insisted the top court to take some required action in this regard.

Lodhi had been receiving severe criticism on social media by the users for showing young girls performing on dancing numbers on a private channel. His show had been controversial and is being termed as unethical for permitting such content to be shown just for the sake of ratings. Users are of the view that these performances are a major source of spreading vulgarity in the society.

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