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Snapchat-Facebook Merger Would Permit Story Sharing on Other Apps

As per the recent reports, Snapchat is collaborating with the social giant—Facebook. This merger would permit users to share their stories on the applications like Twitter and Facebook.

Snapchat and Facebook have been in clear animosity since like ages, they have been known to all as rivals.

In the past few years, Snapchat’s offered features have been replicated by many social media applications like WhatsApp and Instagram. This cloning has resulted in causing a loss in the user base of the app leading to an increased user base of Instagram as compared to Snapchat.

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From today onwards users would be able to share their snap stories on the different social networking apps via the latest upgraded version of the renovated Snapchat.

Within a few weeks’ time, users would be able to avail this new feature. As per the reports of CNBC, via this technique, more people would be downloading the application who are the active users of Facebook and Twitter.

The users would be allowed to share their stories via their linked social media profiles or accounts or through texts or mailing address with a link to the webpage. This would permit the users to view the stories who do not even have the application installed.

This feature would only be for the “Official Stories”, “Our Stories” and “Search Stories” and would not be including the “Publisher Stories” or “Shows” at the moment.

According to Mashable, the stories shared on Snapchat last for about twenty-four hours’ time and vanishes after the set time, however, the external links of the original stories would remain for a longer duration or time spans until the user decides to delete them or erase them.

The goal of this step is to make Snapchat much easier and to make more people sign up for it—which means providing the app’s exposure to the non-users of Snapchat content. Permitting story sharing on the web beyond just the app’s platform indicates the growing future of the Snap further than just mobile limitations.

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